Growing Frustrations With My WIP

If you’ve been following my “Writing Logs” you may have wondered why I haven’t posted the latest one yet. Here’s a bit of an explanation.

So, I haven’t been writing because I’ve become frustrated with my story. I don’t hate my story. I love it. I haven’t jumped ship or anything like that, I’ve just grown frustrated because I realized that I started the story too early. I’m an over writer—that has always been my problem which is why I didn’t freak out at the idea of writing an 85,000 word novel in 3 months. I thought it would be a fun challenge but now I’m just sitting here frustrated because I’ve come to the conclusion that my first act is dragging on. It’s not boring but I’m also aware that a lot of this information can be cut down and told in a more engaging way to make sure my pacing stays in a good range. If I shorten the first act, everything moves faster. The only problem is, that would mean a rewrite is coming.

I should wait until the second draft to fix it all but the fact is, I have to get through the first act in my current outline; I still have two more chapters to get through. That’s about 8k more words/2 more weeks of writing something I know I’m going to cut and rewrite. I’m frustrated. I love this story so much because it’s helping me work through a lot of internal emotional turmoil I’m dealing with right now and I don’t want to give up on it. Sigh.

I’m Writing A Book

When Was the Last Time A Made A Post About Writing?

I haven’t been doing a lot of posts on writing or what I’ve been working on lately because I’ve actually been doing a lot of writing or, more specifically, planning. I’ve been worldbuilding, outlining, and planning three novels. I took about a month to world build because I think I like this world enough, that when the three stories I’ve planned are written out, I’ll still want to write more in this world. It’s beautifully dark and flawed and has a lot of room for a lot of characters and stories.

The Set-Up

The story I’ve been working on is a near future post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy. Yeah, it’s a mouth full but that’s the best way to describe it.

Version 2The year is 2814 and the world looks very different from what you might have envisioned. In the early part of the twenty-first century, nuclear war covered the world in darkness and flames. After the dust settled and the world began to rebuild, there was a new world order and humans were no longer in control—the Enhanced were.

The Plot

In a world where lineage means everything, an orphan with a past like Celeste’s had to grow up hard and fast. Questions about her identity and where she came from have always sparked a fire within her but as her twenty-fourth birthday approaches; she can feel a different kind of heat spreading just beneath the surface. She feels that the vivid dreams and nosebleeds she’s been experiencing lately are omens, warning her that her dark past is about to catch up with her. It’s not until she sees someone from one of her dreams in a crowded nightclub that she starts to think maybe it’s something more than omens and jittery nerves. But she has bigger problems, after all, she’s being watched.

Ezra’s life was already complicated by being a Hybrid in a world that only sees Humans or Enhanced beings but after asking his Shield captain if he was being put on the fast track for career advancement because of who his father is, things become even more complicated. Instead of being the lead investigator in a local drug sting, he’s put on surveillance duty. For any other rookie, this would be exciting news but for him, it just means late nights followed by early mornings and paperwork which makes his already sleepless nights, thanks to some very vivid dreams he’s been having, even more “fun”. During one of his plain-clothes assignments, he sees a familiar face. At first, he can’t quite place where he’s seen her before but then it hits him like a bolt of lightning—the dreams.

Rhena lives a life of excess and to an onlooker, she’s one of the elite but she knows better than to believe that. After all, she’s just a bird in a gilded cage. She has been the property of the Cloth ever since she was four and demonstrated a rare ability, even amongst the purist of the Enhanced. She’s a Watcher. She can see the past, present, and future and over the past twenty years, the Cloth has been grooming her to become their greatest weapon. Once she masters her powers, she’ll be able to find anything and anyone no matter where or when it is. She’ll be the ultimate watchdog. But when she’s given her first “real” assignment—find a dead person—she realizes she’s not the only prisoner hiding in plain sight and this assignment could change everything.

Three bloodlines, one destiny…


Are you interested yet?