Times Are A Changin

Hey everyone. Did you miss me?

Maybe? Just a little bit…don’t be shy…I missed you too. If you’ve noticed, I started posting on Saturdays but I had to stop because graduation season is upon us. No. I haven’t graduated yet. I still have one more week but I’m almost there. Also, my graduation is next Saturday, so don’t expect a post from me. You may get a  picture of me gleefully exclaiming that I finally did it, but there will be no other posts from that day. But don’t worry, once I’m done with school, regular posting will resume.

But that’s not what this post is about. Nope. I’m coming on here to tell you guys that times are a changin!

I’m starting a publishing company

In the upcoming months, you may start to see some changes to the site. I’m starting a business and since it’s just going to be a small one, I decided to merge the blog with the business website. Which means I’m going to buy my website and the URL and domain name may change. It just made more sense economically to merge the two sites and the subject matters go hand and hand so it works for me. Once I start taking on full-time clients, then I’ll separate the two sites because at that point I’ll have enough money to support the needs of both sites.

But don’t worry, the business will not affect the blog in any way. In fact, I’m going to do my best to separate the blog from the business because you didn’t start following the blog just to get sold something. This means that I will not use my blog to promote the business but it doesn’t mean that there will never be any crossover. The blog is about my life and my experiences. If something big (relating to the business) is happening in my life, the blog will cover it but it’ll be more like a behind the scenes kind of thing.

The business will get its own Facebook page that will be linked to this site and this site will be linked to the Facebook page. The website will start to accumulate more content and (hopefully) more traffic. This means you will start to see new sections of the website develop over the upcoming months (if I’m being realistic, probably years). And the homepage will also change although I’m not sure in what capacity.

Minimum Wage is now $10

Yes, you read that right. The minimum wage rose to $10 per hour in the city of St. Louis, MO this week and I’m super excited. This means that I can save more. I can finally get my glasses fixed and take the driver’s test so I can get my license. I can buy my website and invest in my company. I can start paying on my student loans before they go into repayment. And I can actually get my company registered with the state of Missouri and get my logo trademarked. Yeah, sure, I could have done all of this before the minimum wage was raised but now I can do all of this before the summer is over.

Sidenote: Below is a map of St. Louis. Yes, it is that fractured. Yes, this is why we have so many problems. Yes. The counties do outnumber the city limits (what is shown in this picture are sections of St. Louis. The counties break up into even smaller communities than shown on the map). Yes, all the counties were created during white flight. St. Louis is one of the greatest examples of White Flight in American history and we’re a good example of how it damages the economy and educational system while also hardening racial relationships within communities. I added the picture below to point out that everyone who does not work inside of the city limits is still subject to $7.75 (I think) as their minimum wage. Think about that for a second. But “hurray” for the small victories.


4 thoughts on “Times Are A Changin

  1. Anne Pyle says:

    Congrats on (almost) graduating!! my husband just graduated on Saturday, but he’s getting his masters so not much has changed.
    Our minimum wage is 7.25. I don’t know how anyone can live on that.
    And once you start that business, let me know!! I’m writing a novel and have many short stories and poems to work on. 🙂


    • Tyler B. Humphries says:

      Thank you and congratulations to your husband. What did he get his masters in? What part of the country do you live (in regards to the minimum wage)? And as far as the publishing house goes, I will offer services such as developmental editing but I will not take on any novelists (other than myself) for a few years because I want to make sure I’m seasoned and have enough revenue from the company coming in to be a true publishing house. I would like my publishing house to be able to offer all the same services as a traditional publisher, including advances for authors. But I as I said in the post there will be plenty of behind the scenes sort of posts about writing and publishing and the business aspect of both.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anne Pyle says:

        I misspoke–he finished his bachelors (in religion) and is working on getting his masters! I’m pretty jealous and can’t wait to get my own masters. 🙂
        I live in East Texas. You’ll actually be making more than me in my data entry job lol. I really badly wish I could write full-time but patience is key!
        In regards to the house, I’d love it if you gave me more information on it. Not sure if WordPress has instant messaging, but my email is Anne Warke writer @ gmail .com (without spaces after “is”). My novel is far from being published, but I’d love to learn more and keep you as a reference! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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